A Personal Journey to Fix a Grunt File Permissions issue

I was working on a personal project this past week and got a weird error when I tried to compile my Sass files. Unfortunately, I did not screenshot the exact error, but was something along the lines of this: FailedRead More

Designing Between Ranges

CSS is written slowly, line by line, and with each passing moment, we limit the space of what’s possible for our design system. Take this example: body { font-family: ‘Proxima-Nova’, sans-serif; color: #333; } With just a couple of linesRead More

What is Timeless Web Design?

Let’s say you took on a client, and they wanted something very specific from you. They wanted a website that without any changes at all, would still look good in 10 years. Turns out, when you pose this question toRead More

Chrome 60

The latest version of Chrome, version 60, is a pretty big deal for us front-end developers. Here’s the two most interesting things for me that just landed via Pete LePage where he outlines all the features in this video: TheRead More

Party Parrot

Just a bit of forking fun, kicked off by Tim Van Damme and the inimitable Party Parrot. See the Pen :party: by Tim Van Damme (@maxvoltar) on CodePen. See the Pen :party: by Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) on CodePen. See theRead More

The Ultimate Uploading Experience in 5 Minutes

Enter Filestack is a web service that completely handles file uploads for your app. Let’s imagine a little web app together. The web app allows people to write reviews for anything they want. The give the review a name, typeRead More

Practical User Research: Creating a Culture of Learning in Large Organizations

Enterprise companies are realizing that understanding customer needs and motivations is critical in today’s marketplace. Building and sustaining new user research programs to collect these insights can be a major struggle, however. Digital teams often feel thwarted by large organizationsRead More

The Browser Statistics That Matter

In which I argue that the only browser usage statistics that make sense use for decision making are the ones gathered from the website being worked on itself. The reason you can’t use global statistics as a stand-in for yourRead More

Need help choosing a WP Theme for a Startup or Small Business? Check these options

Advertise here via BSA Do you or your client have a well-established or a startup? If your answer is positive, then I bet you strive to acquire new customers and retain the existing ones. In today’s business environment, a carefullyRead More

How to be evil (but please don’t!) – the modals & overlays edition

We’ve all been there. Landed on a website only to be slapped with a modal that looked something like the one below: Hello darkness, my old friend. For me that triggers a knee-jerk reaction: curse for giving them a pageview,Read More